Country: SPAIN

Raised: €15 000



Bikersafe is an ecall system for bikes and motorcycles, it consists in 2 devices, one in the biker hand and the other in the vehicle. The hand device is an smart band, connected to the user’s cell phone. In case of separation between biker and vehicle an emergency event is created (can be cancelled pressing a button). Using Bluetooth and eCall protocol, the biker sends a help signal to 112. The device is also connected to a private network of bikers that will receive a vibration if somebody is injured near them.



Milestone I: Armorflex (Intelligent textile for biker gear) that has been awarded as the best project in a contest organized by Tecnalia innovation center.

Milestone II: In 2013 Bikersafe  developed its own protective gears brand, Invictus. Now it is being sold in Spain and Portugal and we are increasing the collection year by year.