Country: ISRAEL

Raised: € 40,000


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Konstantin Berezin      Ariel Drach           Alex Sudak


Bwareit team develops SmartH20 IOT products which increase water consumption awareness. SmartH20 provides used water quantities and other parameters (temperature, costs and etc.) information through direct display, web and app in any given moment with simple and clear way.

The vision and purpose of the device:

· Bwareit vision is to convert current “analogue” water tap, pipe or hose to Smart.
· Increasing the awareness to water consumption and education for water conservation, by providing user friendly, simple, readable and accessible Smart water meter device that can be attached to any water tap, pipe or hose and be connected to Smart data services (web and app).


Bwareit has been selected for the Google Startup Exchange, organized by NUMA Paris from March 21st to 25th of 2016.

Bwareit are preparing for a kickstarter campaign with the support of Unilever.