Raised: € 20,000


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Diego Matias Nesci    Samir Fattal Jaef       Santiago Yañez


We take the typical tedious 2 hour courses and give them a much modern approach. We redefine the structure of the courses allowing the user to take a class whenever they have some time to kill, whether on the subway, an office-break or a dentist’s waiting room. Above all this, we offer a very intuitive and modern interface so users will have a much better overall experience.

Awards/Participations/Partners was selected in DaVinci Labs Uruguay, Acceleration about to launch the Beta for our new B2B product. closed the grant for $20.000 with ANII (described above) and closed a further equity investment of $1.500 from an angel investor. In addition they are about to launch a brand new product, from idea to prototype within this last 2 months.