Country: FINLAND



Pirkka Frosti


Digital Living International Ltd provides an open cloud-platform called LifeEngine based on linked data ( It is a unique semantic intelligence to link corporate, personal, open and other data assets into sensible knowledge and making it available in an easy to understand manner – even in real-time. This fuels the business operations and streamlines our daily living.

The unique interoperability and connected applications running on the LifeEngine cloud-platform will advance remarkable the standard of digitalized operations and service fusion. The currently siloed applications start to communicate and interact. The need for search after fragmented pieces of information now hiding in piles of data will be mitigated because users are provided with knowledge instead of data.

LifeEngine is an open cloud platform, based on linked data and sophisticated semantic intelligence, developed by the Digital Living International Ltd for innovative data-driven decision-making and operations, or awareness rising.
Such basic features of the LifeEngine platform as situation awareness and operation under the personalised and role-based principles result to better decision-making and operational performance. Streamlined processes will follow. This makes any company’s operations more profitable.

Digital Living opens the LifeEngine platform to third party users such as developers or service providers who can remarkable improve their data analysis and visibility to their internal and external processes. The scalability of LifeEngine is very good. Digital Living foresees the partnering with the best developers worldwide advancing the open cloud-platformization remarkable.