Dublin Design Studio

Country: IRELAND

Raised: €115,000


David Craig

       David Craig


Dublin Design Studio has created a unique and original stylus, that offers active stylus users a heightened creative experience. With a dedication to enhancing the way we interact with mobile technologies, Dublin Design Studio is focused on bringing quality, delight and innovation to our customers.

Our first product is Scriba, a novel stylus design for iOS devices.

Scriba’s unique shape and patent pending technology are designed to complement the natural grooves and movements of the hand. Unlike the standard stylus design, Scriba can guarantee consistency, accuracy and control by providing users with a new way of interacting with their mobile devices.

We are aiming to make Scriba a dominant market player in the active stylus market by year 3 and a market leader by year 5. We strongly believe that Scriba’s unique and innovative design will quickly disrupt the current market, which has stagnated with a generation of stylus designs that offer very little substantial differentiation. The absence of steady innovation has lowered the barriers in this growing market, where our research highlights very low switching costs and a lack of strong brand loyalty.

Initially, we are targeting professional designers -a niche group of active stylus users- representing 3.5 million of our eventual target base of 42 million. With creative app downloads approaching 1 billion and tablet sales at 223m units in 2015, the stylus market has grown rapidly and steadily, despite a lack of exciting innovation.

We are a confident that with a better product, and a commitment to consistently creating a superior user experience, Scriba will enter this market and establish long-term sustainable advantage, securing its future as market leader. Scriba is a modern stylus, designed for the digital age. It’s technology and increased functionality offers our customers a uniquely attractive value proposition.

In developing Scriba, we didn’t want to follow the traditional stylus design and be confined by dogmatic thinking. Instead, we wanted to start from scratch and create a better and more innovative product. The result is a product that looks and operates unlike any device on the market.

In order to demonstrate the potential of Scriba we have also developed an app that exemplifies the functionality and usability of the device. This has informed an SDK that we will distribute to interested developers over the next 2 weeks.


Dublin Design Studio wins a silver medal at Bank of Ireland Startup Awards for “Technology Startup of the Year”.