Country: SPAIN

Raised: € 40,000


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Íñigo de Gracia    José Ángel Jiménez Vadillo    Judith Pozo de la Hoz


Our system helps people to grow crops hydroponically. Hydroponics is a method of culture of plants without using soil. It allows growing crops in places like rooftops or deserts. Using our product, growing any kind of crop is safer, easier and will produce better results. It also allows non-experienced people to succeed at raising their own plants.

The NANNY is a device that can measure relevant parameters from the system (pH, conductivity, temperature, light, relative humidity…) with this data we can detect dangers such as high or low pH or temperatures, pest risk and others. An app and push notifications warn the user of such risks before the plants get harmed. Instead of stopping here, we provide the user with help on how to solve the problem: If the plants need a lower pH, along with the alarm, the user will see a link to a “knowledge pill” about “how to lower the pH”. This is good UX. We aim to build a product that can be loved.

Currently we are focusing on the basis: hardware, app, UX. On next iterations, we also plan our system to become a platform offering different products and services. We also plan on use the collected data strategically to build value for our business and customers.


EasyPonic started beta testing.

Have an ongoing precampaign for our crowdfunding.