Country: SPAIN

Raised: €65,000


  angel martinez    baile     pablo estrada

  Angel Martínez     Constantino Baile  Pablo Estrada León


We make tools for monitoring installations and achieving better performances in terms of energy, costs, efficiency and sustainability.

Our activity is focused on developing monitoring devices for market oriented needs, creating data managing and visualization software and taking care of buildings and installations best use. We are partners in an EU Erasmus+ project and in a Chilean Government urban planning project. Also, we are on phase 3 of FINODEX acceleration programme with FruitWatcher, a service taking care of fruit and fresh vegetables transport conditions.

In summary, we make conventional monitoring and consultancy projects that fund our start-up like projects, which we hope to scale up. About PitWatcher Project, we have designed and tested a monitoring service for urban water infrastructures, with a semiportable device and a powerful FIWARE based visualization system with configurable alarms.

This service will allow urban water systems managers to:

  • Reduce the costs of networks control, which currently takes place with expensive fixed systems and human resources cost consuming samples taking and analysis.
  • Real time control of the networks and critical locations like purification and treatment plants.
  • Engage citizens by publishing part of the data, receiving illegal discharge reports and letting them suggest      monitoring locations.
  • Move through the sewer system until prohibited discharges locations.
  • Derive water in good conditions to other usages (street cleaning, irrigation, etc.)
  • Prevent contaminated water to enter treatment plants and detroy bacteria (causing plants stops until regeneration).
  • Ensure that water is released to free flows (rivers, lakes, etc.) in appropiate conditions.

PitWatcher is also used in natural flows for periodical control.
PitWatcher has already been implemented in Zaragoza (700,000 inhabitants) sewer system after a contract with licensed manager, who paid for the service development and got discounts on the first installations.
Also, City licensed company (Ecociudad Zaragoza SAU) and Aragonese cluster on water and sustainability (ZINNAE) have agreed with us to provide project and successful case dissemination. At this moment, we are tuning business model details and searching for investors and commercial partners agreements.



Geezar wins EU grants

Geezar has a grant by European Commission in SME Instrument.

Geezar, 3rd place in FINODEX contest (European Funding).