HOP Ubiquitous

Country: SPAIN

Raised: €150,000


 Antonio Jara

Antonio Jara


HOPU is specialized in IoT connectivity, IoT management and provisioning of consulting services to enable IoT-based solutions to our customers and partners.

HOPU is specialized in IoT standards such as OMA LwM2M and RESTFul Architectures (CoAP / HTTP) and developed an ecosystem based on standards to provide the required enablers to satisfy the requirements from IoT deployments in retail, smart cities and home/building automation.

HOPU ecosystem is composed of:
1- IoT devices (HOP chipsets) based on Bluetooth Smart offering a wide range of tiny chipsets with different sensors combinations. HOPU offers design, and development of ad-hoc applications and firmwares.

2- IoT Gateway (Ubibox) to interconnect local network with Internet, the gateway provides advanced commissioning and security capabilities such as whitelists access control, TEPANOM scalable commissioning and bootstrapping, and also connectivity such as IPv6 to IPv4 / IPv4 to IPv6, and CoAP to HTTP proxy.

3- IoT Management Platform (Homard) based on OMA LwM2M with several extensions developed by HOP Ubiquitous to support remote monitoring, bootstrapping, commissioning, and also logic building (IFTTT), data / events subscriptions and interfaces with Cloud Computing platforms from partners such as Fujitsu, Microsoft, OpenIoT, etc.

More details about HOP Ubiquitous portfolio in: storage.googleapis.com/hopu/HOPU-Overview.pdf


Funding & tender opportunities Single Electronic Data Interchange Area (SEDIA) – European Commision

HOP Ubiquitous in collaboration with Fujitsu and HES-SO University received the Best DEMO Award from the MIT organized IEEE IoT 2014 Event

Best demo entry: A Human Centric Intelligent Society powered by the Cloud Computing and the Web of Everything: Demonstrating how a bike accident is solved in an hyper connected world, Antonio J. Jara, Ian Thomas & Lou Fedon (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO); HOP Ubiquitous, Spain; Fujitsu RunMyProcess, Paris, France).

HOP Ubiquitous received the People’s Choice Award from the IPSO Alliance

The past July 2014, HOP Ubiquitous received the People’s Choice Award from the IPSO Alliance with their HOPs and the first IPv6-ready Bluetooth Smart stack in the market. Thereby, presenting a step ahead in the development of the Internet of Things and its introduction into the personal, wearable, and human-driven markets.