HUB Controls

Country: IRELAND

Raised: € 610 000


 oliver hynes

Oliver Hynes


At HUB Controls, we believe that you, and only you, should be in control of your bills. So we developed the world’s first Household Utility Bill Controller. This is the only smart thermostat that can be installed in 5 minutes – it is compatible with every and any heating system – and allows users to control their real-time spending on heating – consumers can see how much money they are spending and how much energy they are consuming on their heating.

hub controls product

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 Milestone I: Current pre-sales of 3,260 units. Our pre-sales account for an approximate revenue of €837,000 prior to our launch in Q3 2016.

Milestone II: Amazon selected the HUB Controller as one of their Hot/Top 20 products for the home.

Milestone III: Secured two patents on our USPs.

Milestone IV:  Hub Controls won the Bank of Ireland Startup Award for Product & Manufacturing.