Country: IRELAND

Raised: € 50 000


 Emer Cooney

Emer Cooney


Horses are valuable assets, and water is the most important ingredient in their diet.  Our products capture data relating to animal water intake, and this data can be used as a labour-saving tool, or to reduce mortality and veterinary costs associated with illnesses such as colic.  This data can also be used to ensure that equine athletes are well-hydrated for optimal performance, and have further applications in the dairy farming, and other sectors. The Hydrasure smart drinking system is the first of a number of smart solutions targeted at the equine and agricultural industries.

hydrasure product

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Milestone I:  Hydrasure won the award for the Best Startup in the Animal Health category at the National Ploughing Championships, 2015.

Milestone II: Hydrasure gained National media coverage in the Irish Times & Irish Field Newspapers, 2016.

Milestone III: Hydrasure secured investment from Enterprise Ireland’s Competitive Start Fund.  Hydrasure is now a HPSU candidate, 2016.