Country: SPAIN

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Lázaro Fernández Riquelme


My Glup is a grow system designed for homes where technical and sensitive plant data are collected through sensors installed in the system and sent to a mobile application.
But My Glup is not just a clever pot. What really gives value to this product is the way to present this information to the user.
My Glup sends the data collected by sensors wirelessly to the APP and transforms and personifies it. That is, we create a pet from a simple plant.
Through Glup (our virtual pet), we will know all times if our plant has enough light, water, humidity or temperature required for proper growth. And, if any of these values are not suitable, Glup will inform us of their needs and how to create a more favorable environment.
In addition, My Glup propose a series of games to expand our knowledge on different subjects depending on the level and age of the user, while enabling to personalize our pet (physical and virtual).
With My Grup children learn about nature and importants values. The also become familiar with concepts such as design and 3D printing in a practical and fun way.