Nova Leah

Country: Duldank, Ireland

Raised: 250,000


Anita Finnegan


SelectEvidence® is an expert cybersecurity risk analysis platform that guides manufactures through the processes of identifying applicable threats to their devices and implementing the right security controls to mitigate those threats.
SelectEvidence® also generates all compliance documentation for meeting the requirements of new FDA cybersecurity guidance documents.

SelectEvidence® contains repositories of thousands of records of threats, vulnerabilities and security controls which are mapped together to speed the process of identifying mitigation strategies while providing a layer of validation.

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2014, Awarded Enterprise Ireland Commercialization Fund The CEO, Anita was invited to commercialize her PhD framework and was successful in this. Over the last two years she has worked on developing a collaborative and intelligent cybersecurity risk analysis platform for the healthcare domain. The product, SelectEvidence® is now developed and ready for commercial use.

2016, ISO 80001-2-8 & ISO 80001-2-9 published. Both standards authored by the CEO. This work has placed Nova Leah as a leader in the space of medical device cybersecurity.

2016, Invited by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) to participate in their newly launch cybersecurity certification pilot. Due to the CEO’s involvement with the international standards community, SelectEvidence® was selected to partake in this large scale pilot with co-participants being the VA.