Country: SPAIN

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Jose Arangel                                Ramon Megias
José Ángel Noguera Arnaldos        Ramón Megías Olmos


We have created HiThing! an open platform to chat with things, this is to communicate with things in natural language.

Besides, we have deviced SenCoNet Smart Cities to connect smart lighting and other applications valuable to citizens and municipalities in a cheap and scaleable way. SenCoNet is self-adaptive to any MESH network being able to manage scales of tens of thousands of points.

Meanwhile we developed a customers’ portfolio of medium – large sized companies and institutions so that we could orientate all of our services, solutions, products — the whole company — to the MARKET, right from the beginning.

As an additional trait, this services commercialisatino activity has provided us with a reasonably good amount of cash — Proasistech is going to achieve positive EBITDA in the course of 2015.