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Paulius Briedis

Paulius Briedis


The company has developed a remote touching device for the blind and virtual reality. The objective is to diminish the challenges faced by visually impaired people. The invention relates to devices, which acquire visual and other types of information of surroundings, including the depth-map information and converts it to other forms of information, that can be understood by visually impaired people.


For more information, visit Robotikos Mokykla.


 In 2012, Robotics School took part in EU project ”Let’s see each other”. Hallmarking its socially responsible behavior, Robotics School engage in activities that would tackle the challenges faced by visually impaired people via technological means.

Participation in project ”Global Libraries” sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With the objective to improve the access of information technologies to people living in remote areas, Robotics School facilitated trainings to staff of public libraries, conducted workshops and prepared learning materials used during the project.