Smile and Learn

Country: SPAIN

Raised: € 275,000


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Victor Sanchez Rodriguez            Blanca Rodríguez


Smile and learn helps parents make the best out of new technologies in their children’s education. More specifically, we employ technology to educate children in universal values, teach them curriculum content, reinforce their multiple intelligences and teach them languages while they have fun and smile with us. We are reinventing edutairment in two dimensions:

– Education: our apps are designed to promote effective learning by prioritizing four areas of development (values, i.e. social, moral and interpersonal development; curriculum content, i.e. knowledge on specific dimensions; multiple intelligences, i.e. verbal-linguistic, musical, visual, logical-mathematical; and languages, English, French, Spanish, Chinese)

– Entertainment: we are creating two types of apps: interactive stories and games. Stories help children learn to be creative, curious and imaginative and games are a natural way children learn and experience the world around them. All of our app’s content is original. Music, illustration, animations, stories and recorded voices are carefully supervised by our educators. This allows us to create a high-quality artistic product that inspires creativity from a very young age.

We are also creating a personalized learning experience. We understand that each child has different learning needs and therefore, we are working to build and incorporate computational software that can adapt to every learner’s performance, level and learning style.


 Smile and Learn have agreement with Telefonica Educacion.

Smile and Learn, potential Agreement with Telefonica Latam, Grupo SM Editorial and Youtube (content partner).

Smile and Learn: Reaced + 100 schools with our Library.