Country: SPAIN

Raised: €60 000


 Ignacio Barraqué

Ignacio Barraqué


Social and Care is the solution to the digital divide problem in elderly and handicapped because users don’t need to interact with the smartphone if they do not want to. Familiars or caregivers define the habitual patterns for user’s activity: task, medication, places, itineraries, etc. Social&Care is a personal assistant who detects non usual or risky situations for the users, only by carrying the smartphone with them. Then, helps the user to come back to normality and notifies it to familiars both immediately and automatically.


For more information, visit Social&Care.


Milestone I: End of developement and test phase, August 2016.

Milestone II: Achieve the first investment round for € 150.000 (€ 75.000 annually), September 2016.

Milestone III: Online marketing campaign to reach 500 users, September 2016.