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Raised: € 21 000


Paulius Paškevičius

Paulius Paškevičius


Dronebenders Xfighter mobile game teaches how to operate a minidrone by mastering 35 maneuvers in 7 skill areas and challenging others in fighter and racing modes. Currently, an early beta is opened with 1000 pilots accepted each week.


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100 students from 22 Lithuanian cities were taught remotely in 2014-2015, making it the largest game coding learning center in Lithuania. 10-20 students were added to the teams specializing in business development, marketing and high-tech sales.

5000 students were met in 2014-2015 and 10 000 more students are expected to be visited in numerous Lithuanian schools in order to engage young talents in coding technologies.

1000 most talented Lithuanian students are planned to be taught games development by the end of 2016.