Table air


Raised: € 400 000


 Lukas Lukoševičius

Lukas Lukoševičius


TableAir is a smart, connected table with unique lifting process for tech-savvy executives and demanding individuals who care about their health as much as productivity. With the help of a user-friendly smartphone app, the workplace can be scheduled to take any positions with regard to selected time settings.

table air

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In 2015, TableAir received €200 000 investment from ”Practica Seed Capital”. The investment allowed to improve the product developed in an amateurish manner into a device, meeting all engineering aspects and certificates, dictating the most recent tendencies.

In 2015, TableAir participated in 100% Design. The company was recognized during the largest furniture design expo in London.

In 2016, TableAir launched an app for its smart table. The training app helps users to stay aware of their habits and follow the customized optimal sit-to-stand schedule