Tactile Eyesight


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 Mareks Matisons

Mareks Matisons


Global tactile book platform for children with visual impairment. The company’s solution is digital layout for 3D tactile books, pre-customization of 2D > 3D in cooperation with education experts to make designs applicable in the process of blind children’s education in different stages of tactile learning.

tactile eyesight

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In 2016, Tactile Eyesight cooperated with Mass Portal for 3D print tactile books for blind children. The generated models will be used for subsequent exploration at Stradumuiža Residental Secondary School and Training Center for the blind and visually impaired.

Moreover, the company won Global Startup Battle 2015, beating around 25000 entrepreneurs from 60 countries and taking the prize in the Great in the Making category.

Finally, in 2016 the company developed a Braille TTF font.