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Trichrome Healthcare has created a software platform for improving patient satisfaction, reduced emergency admissions, greater collaboration between different agencies, an improved environment for self-help, enhanced compliance, reduced stays in hospitals and better use of emergency services.

The key to the platform is the driving of notification based on real time diagnostic data delivered to key responders such as Community matrons, 111 emergency services and. This allows for early pre-emptive action on behalf of the care escalations that clinicians and community matrons decide.

The aim is firstly to Pre-empt problems, Track data to help monitor chronic conditions by using connected devices that make it easy to upload data to Care records. By tracking data, it is possible to see trends, find patterns, give more complete data to your doctors, and stay motivated to make better health choices.

Secondly: to provide automatic notification and alarm events in real time together with relevant histories and demographics on advanced mapping platform. To see real time graphing of individual sensors and combined sensors, both snapshots, real time and historical.

Provide community-based healthcare professionals, including urgent care personnel, all the communication and productivity tools they need to work efficiently in the field.

To complete tasks electronically, share information with colleagues, and record patient information without having to travel back to their base. To manage workloads, ensure new referrals prioritised and individuals’ activity tracked by team leaders. Spend less time wasted in travel and duplication of data input – which means more face-to-face time with patients.

By architecting the solution Trichrome have managed to greatly reduce network costs, reduce storage, processing and associated costs and have sourced v low cost medically approved devices to allow to offer subscription cost that are uniquely affordable.