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Akwatyx is a spin-off of VirtualDive that will be incorporated during the 4th quarter 2015. VirtualDive is an innovative French SME dedicated to R&D, incorporated in April 2005 that developed, from 2007 through 2013, the project Digital Ocean, financed by the French National Research Agency, by the two largest French regions Ile de France and PACA and, more recently, by the European Commission (FP7262160):
The results of the European project will constitute Akwatyk’s goodwill. This start up is presently in the process of incorporation in France with a status of “société à actions simplifiée” (SAS) linked to Virtualdive by a contractual agreement covering exclusive worldwide rights of industrialization and commercialization of all results of VirtualDive research programme Digital Ocean which total development costs are estimated at 2.2 million euros.

Results that Akwatyx commercializes include a connected device named Dolphyn, a web multisided platform and applications that are aimed to digitalize aquatic activities practiced in swimming pools, beaches and sea surfaces and transform these spaces into interactive multimedia playgrounds, for entertainment, education, relaxation and discovery.

This offer targets millions of persons around the world that practice aquatic activities and introduces a disruptive technology associating, for the first time, water immersion with multimedia immersion.
It extends to two global and growing markets – tourism and health & well-being. It mobilises digital technologies in aquatic activities thanks to the Dolphyn, a connected, submersible, mobile console working in a dedicated network, monitored and coordinated from a central multisided web platform.
As a result, bathers, swimmers, snorkelers and divers will be able to practice aquatic activities remaining connected to internet and getting the same services they get on land with their smart phones: WiFi, social networks, videos, applications, GPS, sound, access to data basis, games, e-learning.


 VirtualDive has been accepted at Paris Sub incubator.