Country: SPAIN

Raised: €20,000


Angel Albiach Ruiz             Manel Alcaide Dias


Our solutions collect audio information from the environment and mobile devices to adapt to visual and sensory signals, which also include video messages in sign language.

Visualfy App
It is a solution for the multiple notifications received daily by mobile. For example, using a green screen with three short vibrations can report WhatsApp alerts; or by a blue screen with a long vibration for Facebook.

Deaf Smart Space
“Deaf Smart Space” is a sensor that listens permanently to the user’s home and learns from its daily sound activity. Thus, for example, it is able to send a notification to your phone when the doorbell rings, the washer has finished or if your baby is crying. Positioning technology such as near field communications can be used to send specific information. Our system leverages the emergence and potential of the technology Internet of Things. In the future we want to transfer this technology to public places like airports, municipalities and hospitals. We can send a user a message informing them that it is their turn to visit, or that the fire alarm is ringing, and which shows an informative video message with the protocol to follow.


Visualfy was at the investment Forum in The Hague, Europe Unlimited – emerging companies, Tech Tour – growth companies, International Venture Club – investors platform (Cloud Visualfy was selected at Tel Aviv Mission to open market at Israel, CDTI, ICEX, and Adigital (Spanish Asocia-tion of Visualfy starting Conversations with TMB (Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona), EMT (Metropolitan Transport of Valencia), Fundación TECSOS (Cruz Roja Española and Visualfy have contacts with Public Administrations: Govern de Catalunya, Comunidad de Madrid and Junta de Andalucía Visualfy Demo Presentation at MWC2016 – Stand of Vodafone Visualfy, from iOS they have assigned us one evangelist to resolve the develop problems with the Visualfy accessibility on Visualfy is Technological Partner INELCOM Visualfy, Technological Transfer signed with SPAT (Signal Processing and Acoustic Technology Group) from Valencian University.