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Armine Saidi             David Esteves         Sarathkumar Kumaraiah


WICASTR is a hyper local cloud platform that facilitates the creation of wireless networks and content distribution everywhere. No IT skills needed. And we provide mobile engagement anywhere.
No Apps, Internet or Mobile network required.

We’re introducing an entirely new way for businesses to interact with mobile users directly on their smart devices, without having to depends on the Internet, Mobile networks or apps.

WICASTR is CISCO’s Top 5 companies to watch within UK’s retail industry in the Internet of Everything realm ( £37 Billion market). See (page 10-11): “The Internet of Everything: Unlocking the Opportunity for UK Startups”. www.cisco.com/assets/global/UK/pdfs/the_ioe_unlocking_the_opportunity_for_uk_startups.pdf

WiCastr is Patented. Hyper Local. Hardware & Software Platform.

Sidewalk signed a contract with DHL
At this point we have a signed contract with the DHL Team. DHL is our first partner as well as our start-up mentor. Currently we are collaborating with DHL on the SIDEWALK robot. We are provided with recommendations on how to improve our robot’s logistics’ processes.