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 jim clermonts

 Jim Clermonts        Peter Raaymakers


Our service is a software technology that connects supply and demand of temporary jobs via a n app and a matching algorithm.

The student doesn’t have a lot of time. He/She wants flexible working hours and wants to find temporary jobs quickly in his/her neighborhood. Since they’re in class a lot, they don’t want to be reached by a phone call.
Employers want to find reliable, suited candidates who are close by and available immediately.
Selling proposition:

● Student: We offer jobs in your own neighborhood on your smartphone.
● Employer: We always show the best candidates thanks to our matching algorithm.
● Student: We show a visual vacancy with a few lines of text.
● Student: Showing interest is as simple as pressing one button

JobADay positioning: Become the hub for job seekers. A vacancy platform optimized for mobile.

Business Model 1
JobADay is a vacancy platform, not a temp agency. The software “scrapes” the jobs from zoekbijbaan.nl. Student replies via App, employer gets an automated E­mail with candidate’s data. Employers can post vacancies for free, the App is free. E mployers only pay money for additional features like a picture , being on top of search results , duration time of vacancy. Launching customers are: Bastion hotel groep and La Place.

Business Model 2
A second revenue stream is to licence our technology to smaller temp agencies. Our software automatically scrapes any wordpress powered website and displays it in a fast native App to Job Seekers in a range of 30 Km. Job seekers receive push notifications. Employer receives a generated CV of the candidate.

The market size is between 700.000 and 800.000 people. We target between 16 and 24 years old. The average job lifetime is 3 months. We are confident in capturing a total monthly sales volume of €1.000.000 in Year 4. This equals to only 10% of the Student job market, so enough growth potential.

Mission: Mobilizing Human Capital.
Vision: In the future, people will be more mobile & always connected. The lifetime of a business is shorter and change is more rapid. Job seekers will have more jobs and average job lifetime will be shorter. Life will become more integrated. The smartphone will become a remote for our live. Borders are fading. With the JobADay App a job seeker can quickly find a new job. Wherever and whenever he/she likes. The process of interviewing a candidate has been and will always be human work. But the matching process will become an algorithm.