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 John Sokianos     Dimitris Karantonis        Zacharias Papachristos      Marios Protogeiros

John Sokianos                  Dimitris Karantonis          Zacharias Papachristos   Marios Protogeiros


Beezon aims to bring IoT in apiculture. Practicing beekeeping ourselves, we have developed a system based on the principles of precision apiculture which provides remote, accurate, real-time information about the colony dynamics, its current status and its health. Our system is relying on an autonomous central device and one or more node devices applied on bee hives. The devices are equipped with sensors responsible for measuring both colony and environmental data in a near real time. The central device and the nodes are forming a self-organized wireless network, so that data can be acquired and sent to the cloud platform to be processed and made accessible via internet. The information gathered is presented in a fully integrated way by means of powerful, state of the art cloud technologies, facilitating user interaction.

beezon product

For more information, visit Beezon.


Milestone I: Received support and funding under FRACTALS Acceleration Program

Milestone II: First prototype developed and is under pilot phase

Milestone III: Winner of Startups’ Startup competition of the 2nd FIWARE Startup Bootcamp that took place in Athens