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Andres       Luis
Andres Umana         Luis Maria Barreiro Abraira


We do Analytics, transforming and enriching data and helping companies to solve business problems and take business decisions. When location matters we do provide Location as an additional key value.

Helping companies to identify key data and transform it in Insights, empowering their business decisions is evolving constantly and required new solutions as well as new technology. As enterprises continue to demand large volumes of diverse data we do implement hadoop to extend your insight and your ability to take business decisions.

Our experience on resolving business issues provides us a new insight on how we can leverage technology on the B2C area, so we provide solutions that embrace a holistic approach on providing solutions helping our business customers and their end users

Different industries require different approaches or areas of focus. When looking at verticals we apply new technologies to resolve business issues with innovative solutions in Utilities, Finance and Insurance. Verticals where the volume of data available is imposing different technology approaches and where we do provide our range of solutions.

We do firmly believe in the power oF Internet of things in our industrial solution stack. From Extended and Complex Geocoding in Utilities & Insurance, Smart Grid in Utilities to Micro Payment Banking solutions or Risk management in Banking & Insurance we do provide a set of solutions as well as how to use technology to transform business in a competitive and dynamic world.