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 Laura Hanlon  Ciarán Walsh  Nicola O'Sullivan

Laura Hanlon        Ciaran Walsh       Nicola O’Sullivan


ExerWise are building a wearable activity tracking wristband for pre-phone children aged 7 to 9 to help monitor the amount of time they spend exercising. ExerWise’s Activity Tracker provides a fun new approach to exercise, helping children to create healthy habits from a young age. ExerWise recently completed a successful Kickstarter with a goal of €10,000 and have just finished a 6-month incubation programme in the BOI Startlab, Galway.

ExerWise Activity Tracker

For more information, visit Exerwise.


Milestone I: ExerWise ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign for €10,000. (April -> May; €10,878)

Milestone II: Completed the BOI Startlab 6 month incubation programme

Milestone III: Participated in the DCU/Startup Europe Cross Border Mentorship Week Programm

Milestone IV: Proof of concept developed.