Raised: €150,000


Roman Drokov             Mangirdas Skripka         Skirmantas Gricius


SIDEWALK – a network of automated city delivery robots. In Logistics last mile costs are 76 % of delivery costs. Automating to make delivery cost extremely low, disrupting the market and opening new opportunities for customers.

The unique aspect of SIDEWALK is the fast, low-cost delivery service it provides. The SIDEWALK robot is able to deliver goods from point A to point B without physical assistance from humans. Additionally, it is capable of carrying a package of up to 20 kg. The SIDEWALK robot accelerates the entire preparation and delivery process and reduces the costs of a delivery. In the future the robot will be fully autonomous and will be able to identify surroundings (image recognition system).



Sidewalk team participated in Startup Sauna & Slush
In October/November 2015, Sidewalk team has participated in one of the biggest startup accelerator program in Europe – Startup Sauna which took place in Espoo, Finland. Accelerator was attended by 530 competing startups who competed for opportunities to get seen by investors. Sidewalk performance was great and our startup were selected as one of the lucky 14 teams’ from all 530 startups which is 3% of all competitors along Europe and Russia. Furthermore, Sidewalk team had submitted application to Slush event and been selected to participate in leading startup program in Europe. Slush event also occurred in Finland and it consisted of 1700 startups which came to this event from all over the world. The cool fact is that SIDEWALK were selected from 1700 startups to participate in SLUSH100 pitching competition.

Sidewalk signed a contract with DHL
At this point we have a signed contract with the DHL Team. DHL is our first partner as well as our start-up mentor. Currently we are collaborating with DHL on the SIDEWALK robot. We are provided with recommendations on how to improve our robot’s logistics’ processes.