Yotta code

Country: SPAIN




We develop interactive software for people with language impairments or cognitive disorders based in our strong research background in Natural Language Processing. Our products enable therapists to a close monitoring of the progress in communication skills for these people thanks to a cloud-based solution and wearable devices. With our main product, Pictogram, children with Autism can communicate by means of images and icons using a tablet, a mobile phone or a smart-watch everywhere, any time, always ready and context-aware.


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Milestone I: (European FP7: 2011 – 2014). This project created Open Book, a new interactive tool that assists people with autism to transform written information into a format that is easier for them to read and understand.

Milestone II: Yottacode is recognized as Spin-Off. By the end of 2015, the University of Jaén finally approves the founding of Yottacode S. L. as a tech-based start up.

Milestone III: First prototype developed and under testing with children.